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Encouraging Friends' Journal

31st December, 2005. 12:28 pm.(lainee_bug)

Hips 44
Waist 36
Bust 46

I've been pigging out these last two weeks, and I'm... frankly shocked. I checked my last recorded measurements? And I've LOST an inch about my waist. Bust got bigger, but I'm wearing a different bra now (not a minimizer), so that usually explains that. Hips stayed the same.

So. Another New Years Resolution. I'm determined now, however. So much in my life has changed, for the better, and I WILL do this, too.

For this year, I think I'm going to go for the following based on the current measurements:

Hips 41
Waist 30
Bust 43

That means I'm going to start posting every week. Also going to start weighing in. My end goal is to lose 60 pounds overall, but right now, my first goal, is to lose 20 pounds. Baby steps and all the rest.

The Plan:
Going to start kickboxing again (which is Tuesdays and Thursdays) and won't miss any days if I can, at all, help it. On M,W, F, I will do crunches and pushups in the morning before work, then do some weight training in the evenings, alternating arms and legs. Kickboxing is pretty much a cardio. Going to be talking to the instructor there, and finding out from them what they think is realistic. And hope I don't get laughed out.

Going to start the eating properly again. I've been cooking alot more since Shane moved out, and I'm going to keep that up. Going to start eating more regularly as well - doing the five times a day thing to build up the metabolism.

Going to start drinking ALOT more water. Cut out soda altogether (which I've mostly done regardless).

Going to start getting more fruit rather than sweets for when I have a sudden snack-attack craving.

Current mood: determined.

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5th July, 2005. 9:37 am. BOOM-baby!(lainee_bug)

Hips: 44 1/2 ... inch and a half to go!!
Waist: 36 1/2 ... four and a half to go!!
Bust: 44 1/2 ... inch and a half to go!!

Look! Look!! Another half inch on everything!! And I keep slacking on the diet, keep slacking on the extra working out I swear I'm going to do... this is an inch and a half down on each measurement since I started my kickboxing class. 'scuse me while I party like mad!!!

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20th June, 2005. 8:05 am.(lainee_bug)

Hips: 45 ... 2 inches to go!! (new goal)
Waist: 37 ... 5 inches to go!
Bust: 45 ... 2 inches to go!!

Look. At. That. Losing about half an inch on all measurements every two weeks as I'm doing right now. I'd say that's pretty good. Going to try to start doing more than just kickboxing, but I think it's going well!!

These aren't, of course, my final goals. Just an immediate goal to strive to before I re-evaluate. Already decided to lower (slightly) my 'hips' goal to match my end bust goal. I guess we'll see what happens?

*dances madly!* Yay! Losing weight!! Well, inches, rather ;)

Current mood: chipper.

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6th June, 2005. 8:15 am. BOOM!!(lainee_bug)

Hips: 45 1/2 ... inch and a half to go!!
Waist: 37 1/2 ... seven and a half inches to go... *meeps*
Bust: 45 1/2 ... two and a half inches to go!

Look. At. That. Improvements!!! My eating is still WAY off because of being so sick for so long, so this is ALL the kickboxing class *spins happily* Going to do my damndest to work on the diet aspect starting this week. Increasing that metabolism again to go witht he working out. But yay!!!

Current mood: excited.

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9th May, 2005. 8:44 am.(lainee_bug)

Hips: 46 ... two more inches to go!
Waist: 38 ... six more inches to go! (ouch)
Bust: 45 1/2 ... two and a half more inches to go!!

Hey, lookie there! A little bit of improvement. I bet the bust part fell because of that stupid jump rope *grrs* Ouch. We'll see how the rest go! :)

Current mood: optimistic.

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2nd May, 2005. 8:08 am.(lainee_bug)

Hips: 46 ... two more inches to go
Waist: 38 ... six more inches to go (*grimaces)
Bust: 46 ... three more inches to go

At least I didn't slide backwards? So I'd say it's good. And I start kickboxing tomorrow which will probably force me back into doing my weights again simply as a matter of pride. I suppose we'll see what happens next Monday! :)

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24th April, 2005. 1:43 pm.(lainee_bug)

Hips: 46 ... 2 more inches to go
Waist: 38 ... 6 more inches to go
Bust: 46: ... 3 more inches to go

So, down on my hips, but everything else maintained at the same. Walking really is doing good there, huh? Going back to the weight training this week, and, starting next week, I should be starting my kickboxing. Wee!!

Current mood: exanimate.

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18th April, 2005. 8:58 am.(lainee_bug)

Hips: 46 1/2 leaving 2 1/2 inches to go...
Waist: 38 leaving 6 inches to go...
Bust: 46 leaving 3 inches to go...

Woo!! Look at that! Finally losing! *dances happily* All that walking of late has started paying off. Boo-WAH! Have to still work on that bustline, though. Re-starting my weight training this week (light weights to tone, not heavy weights - those build bulk. And heavens know I don't need anymore bulk). So re-starting weights, keeping with the diet, and starting kick-boxing in a couple of weeks. Excuse me while I feel good.

Current mood: encouraged.

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11th April, 2005. 10:16 am.(lainee_bug)

Hips: 47 leaving 3 inches to go...
Waist: 38 1/2 leaving 6 1/2 inches to go...
Bust: 46 leaving 3 inches to go...

No change from last week. Dangit. Gotta work harder. Damnit. Still walking. Still eating regularly. I haven't really slept for almost three weeks now. That may be part of it. *sighs*

Current mood: disappointed.

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4th April, 2005. 8:04 am.(lainee_bug)

*sighs* Doing a backward slide here...

Hips: 47 leaving 3 inches to go...
Waist: 38 1/2 leaving 6 1/2 inches to go...
Bust: 46 leaving 3 inches to go...

Damnit. I'd like to blame all sorts of stress and what not of late, but that just sounds pathetic. Going to start walking around campus on my lunch breaks (after I eat, that is), trying to do... something. Forgot to bring walking shoes today, though. (opps) Still, will walk. At least a bit. No hills, fortunately, so, well, that's a plus. Only one inch heels and they're comfortable.

Current mood: disappointed.

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